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Equipment & Activities

From Camping Valbonheur


Games room

Children can have fun and exercise in complete safety in the campsite's play area.

The games room at Valbonheur campsite offers a fun and entertaining space for campers of all ages.

Welcoming atmosphere:

As you enter the games room, you will be enveloped by a warm and lively atmosphere, with bursts of laughter and sounds of games filling the air.

Bright colors and playful decorations create a welcoming and engaging environment for campers.

Variety of entertainment:

You will find a wide variety of games and activities to suit all tastes and ages, offering something for everyone.

Social space:

The games room is a popular meeting place where campers can meet, socialize and make new friendships.

Relaxed atmosphere:

The casual atmosphere of the games room allows campers to relax and have fun at their own pace, whether for a quick game or a long gaming session.

It's a great place to escape the afternoon heat or entertain on a rainy day, always providing a fun haven.

In short, the games room at Valbonheur campsite is a place where joy, entertainment and conviviality reign, offering campers a fun and memorable experience during their camping vacation.

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