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Bouncy castles

Younger children can have fun jumping and playing in the bouncy castles.

At the Valbonheur campsite, children are spoiled by an irresistible attraction: the 3 inflatable castles which proudly sit near the lake. These colorful and playful structures captivate the imagination of little adventurers and promise hours of unforgettable fun.

The first of these castles, called "Pirate", can accommodate up to 10 children, with a minimum size of 2 years and a maximum height of 1m20.

For the youngest budding explorers, the “Oceanland” castle is an invitation to wonder, with a capacity for 12 children and the same size criteria as the previous one.

As for the majestic “Parc Plage”, it can accommodate up to 15 children, provided they are at least 4 years old and do not exceed 1m40.

Thanks to the vacationers' bracelet, access to these areas is FREE.

For children outside the campsite, a modest sum of €5 allows them to enjoy these enchanting attractions.

Located in a specially designed area of the campsite, these bouncy castles provide a safe and fun space for children, where they can jump, bounce, slide and climb to their heart's content. Supervised by a responsible adult, children are assured of playing safely and respecting the rules established for their protection.

These structures are not content to be mere entertainment; they are also ideal for birthdays, celebrations and family days, offering unforgettable moments of joy and sharing for all the children present.

Of course, safety is paramount. The rules are clear: children must remove their shoes before entering the castle, respect the recommended maximum capacity, play appropriately with children of different ages, and above all, do not climb on the exterior walls. Regular inspections and compliance with manufacturer's instructions ensure that these structures remain a safe and secure place to play for all little adventurers.

Safety rules:

Adult Supervision: Ensure that a responsible adult always supervises children when playing in the bouncy castle. This makes it possible to monitor children's activities, intervene in the event of a problem and ensure that safety rules are respected.

Remove Shoes: Children should remove their shoes before entering the bouncy castle to avoid puncturing the material and reduce the risk of injury.

Maximum number of children: Observe the bouncy castle manufacturer's recommended maximum capacity for the number of children who can play inside at a time. Overcrowding the bouncy castle can increase the risk of accidents.

Rules of behavior: Teach children appropriate rules of behavior, such as not jostling, not jumping headfirst, and not playing too aggressively. Encourage them to play calmly and respect other children.

Supervision of children of different ages: If children of different ages are using the bouncy castle at the same time, make sure that they play appropriately together and that the smaller ones are not crushed or jostled by the larger ones.

Prohibition on climbing walls: Children should not climb on the exterior walls of the bouncy castle, as this may cause a dangerous tipover or fall.

Compliance with Manufacturer's Safety Rules: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding installation, use, and deflation of the bouncy castle. Make sure the castle is properly anchored to the ground and well inflated to avoid accidents.

Regular Inspection: Before each use, inspect the bouncy castle to ensure it is in good condition with no tears, punctures or air leaks. Do not use the bouncy castle if it shows signs of damage or malfunction.

By following these safety rules, you can help ensure a fun and safe bouncy castle play experience for children.

At the Valbonheur campsite, the inflatable castles are much more than just attractions; they are open doors to a world of adventure and joyful memories for children who explore them with enthusiasm and wonder.

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