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Equipment & Activities

From Camping Valbonheur


The event hall

A Place of Conviviality and Celebration

The event hall at the Valbonheur campsite is a multi-purpose space designed to host various events and social activities for campers.

1.     Friendly space: The party room is generally arranged to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, conducive to gatherings and exchanges between campers.

2.     Entertainment facilities: It is often equipped with facilities for entertainment, such as a dance floor, sound system, board games or even a stage for live performances.

3.     Organized activities: Organized activities can take place in the event hall, such as karaoke nights, dancing evenings, group board games, etc.

4.     Special Celebrations: The event hall is often used to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holiday parties;

5.     Community Gathering: The event hall is a place where campers can gather and socialize, meet new people and bond with other members of the camping community.

6.     Reservations and availability: It is often necessary to reserve the function room in advance for special events. Be sure to check booking details and availability with the campsite management.

In conclusion, the event hall at Valbonheur campsite provides a gathering and entertainment space where campers can enjoy various social activities and celebrations while creating memorable memories of their stay in the great outdoors.

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