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From Camping Valbonheur


Hiking: cycling and walking

Explore the surrounding picturesque trails by bike or on foot and discover the natural beauty of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the Parc des Ecrins.

Exploring Valbonnais and its surroundings on foot or by bike is an incomparable experience for lovers of outdoor sports.

For walkers, the Valbonnais trails offer a variety of routes suitable for all levels. From leisurely walks along the rivers to more demanding hikes at altitude, there is something for everyone to enjoy while discovering the natural beauty of the region.

The breathtaking panoramas and encounters with the local fauna and flora enrich each step, making each outing a true source of wonder.

Cycling enthusiasts, for their part, are also delighted by the numerous possibilities offered by the region.

Whether by mountain bike for the more adventurous, by VTC for more leisurely rides or by e-bike for those who wish to enjoy the landscapes without worrying about the difficulty, the routes are varied and accessible to all.

From the discovery of small picturesque villages to the challenges of steep climbs, each pedal stroke is an invitation to escape and discovery.

By exploring the Valbonnais on foot or by bike, outdoor athletes can truly immerse themselves in the beauty and richness of this region, while enjoying an invigorating and rejuvenating physical activity. Between moments of contemplation and effort, each outing becomes an adventure in its own right, to be experienced and shared.

Matheysine Tourisme offers beautiful trail and hiking routes in the area, to discover them, click here:

To download them in PDF, click here:

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The Ecrins National Park also invites you to discover Valbonnais, to find out more, click here:

To download the Valbonnais leaflet, click here:

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