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Equipment & Activities

From Camping Valbonheur


Ping pong tables

Challenge your companions at the Valbonheur campsite to a lively game of ping-pong.

Play Ping-Pong: by competing in fierce games on the available tables!

At the Valbonheur campsite, an essential activity that always arouses enthusiasm and competition is ping-pong. On tables set up for this purpose, campers meet for wild games where each exchange is synonymous with challenge and pleasure.

The balls fly at an impressive speed, bouncing skillfully on the table in a ballet punctuated by hits and counter-hits.

Players compete in fierce matches, seeking to anticipate trajectories and surprise their opponents with their agility and precision.

The rapid exchanges and intense concentration get the adrenaline pumping, creating an electric atmosphere around the ping-pong tables.

Between laughter, encouragement and moments of tension, each game is an opportunity to share friendly moments and strengthen the bonds between the participants.

So, whether to relax after a day of exploration or to take on a sporting challenge with friends, ping-pong is an ideal option for spending unforgettable moments in the heart of nature, in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

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