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Equipment & Activities

From Camping Valbonheur


Football, Volleyball and Badminton field!

Organize friendly tournaments on the Valbonheur campsite sports fields

Play badminton, volleyball or football: on the courts designed for dynamic games with family or friends!

In the heart of the magnificent Valbonheur campsite, sporting activities abound for the greatest pleasure of campers.

Badminton offers fast and exciting rallies, where speed and precision are essential. Campers can compete in intense matches, while spectators cheer on their favorite teams.

Volleyball adds a summery, relaxed dimension to competitions. Under the bright sun, the teams compete in lively games, punctuated by spectacular dives and unstoppable smashes.

Finally, football brings together fans of this universal sport. On the campsite's well-maintained grounds, players engage in wild games, juggling precise passes, powerful shots and skillful dribbling.

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