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La Bastille de Grenoble

La Bastille, Grenoble's true green lung, attracts not only locals, but also many tourists, seduced by its rich historical and natural heritage.

This emblematic site has a double heritage value: on the one hand, its military buildings, witnesses of a turbulent history over the centuries, are classified as Historic Monuments; on the other hand, its 35 hectares are home to exceptional biodiversity, justifying their classification as a natural area of ecological interest.

The preservation and enhancement of this heritage require regular and careful maintenance.

The Green Spaces department ensures that the site is kept in good condition, while specialized teams, such as rope access technicians, are involved in more complex work, particularly on cliffs and fortifications that are often damaged by bad weather.

In addition to the site itself, the City pays particular attention to its access points, in particular ensuring the maintenance of the cable car and the improvement of pedestrian access points, such as the Porte Saint-Laurent and the Porte de France.

The latter, intended to become the real entry point to the Bastille, will be integrated into an expanded pedestrian zone, with redevelopment planned to enhance the surrounding historic buildings.

In 2016, the Belvédère Vauban, the main viewpoint of the Fort de la Bastille, was the subject of renovation work, including the complete repair of its waterproofing, the upgrading of safety standards, the renovation of the guardrails and the correction of water damage linked to infiltration from the terrace.

These efforts aim to ensure the preservation and accessibility of this iconic site for future generations.

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