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The Napoleon Route

In 1815, returning from the island of Elba, Emperor  Napoléon Bonaparte undertook a journey through Provence and the Alps towards Paris to regain his throne.

One of the key stages of this journey was the crossing of the sixty kilometers between Corps and Grenoble, a journey which marked a turning point in the destiny of Napoleon.

After climbing the Bayard Pass, Napoleon and his troop reached the village of Corps on March 6.

It was there, overlooking Lake Sautet, that Napoleon stopped at the Dumas Inn to rest.

The decisive encounter with the royal troops of Louis XVIII took place in the Laffrey parade, where Napoleon exclaimed: “It’s me, recognize me!” ".

The king's soldiers, moved, rallied to him, thus marking a historic moment immortalized by the equestrian statue erected on the “Meadow of the Meeting”.

In Vizille, where the Dolphin assembly was held, Napoleon found an important historical echo, because the castle today houses the museum of the French Revolution.

The last stage of this epic journey was the march to Grenoble.

At the Porte de Bonne, resistance was minimal and the remains of the gate were offered to Napoleon.

A commemorative plaque, representing the Napoleonic eagle, recalls this significant event at this location today.

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