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Vizille Castle

The  Domaine de Vizille offers an immersive dive into one of the most important eras of French history: the French Revolution.

At the heart of this estate stands a castle steeped in history, which was the scene of decisive moments.

Surrounded by a landscaped park classified as a “Remarkable Garden”, the Domaine de Vizille also houses the unique Museum of the French Revolution, where works and objects of great historical value are exhibited.

As soon as you enter the park, you will be greeted by a large ornamental body of water, inhabited by swans, ducks and even herons.

As you stroll along the banks of this body of water, you will discover the French gardens, illuminated by a superb rose garden.

The estate is also home to an animal park where deer, fallow deer and roe deer roam in semi-freedom, thus offering a preserved space of 100 hectares where human history and wild nature come together harmoniously.

It is an ideal place to walk, play or simply dream.

The Museum of the French Revolution, located in the Château de Vizille, presents in this prestigious setting works of art and historical objects linked to the Revolution and the 19th century.

Throughout the year, the estate offers a rich program of activities and events such as concerts, shows, guided tours and workshops for young audiences.

For children, pony rides are also offered on certain days of the year, adding a touch of magic to this immersive experience in history and nature.

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