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Pont du Prêtre climbing site

Pont du Prêtre climbing site

The Pont du Prêtre climbing site in Valbonnais is an emblematic place for climbing enthusiasts, offering a unique experience in the heart of the Oisans mountains.

Nestled in an exceptional natural environment, this site has distinctive characteristics that make it a popular place for climbers.

Located at an altitude of 749 meters, the Pont du Prêtre offers a spectacular panorama of the surrounding peaks and green valleys.

The shale rock that makes up the walls offers a unique texture to the holds, guaranteeing varied and stimulating climbing.

With its 48 climbing lines ranging from 5a to 6b+, this site offers challenges suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced climbers.

The routes, facing west, benefit from soft light and long shadows, creating an ideal atmosphere for climbing.

Access to the site is generally easy, although the specific approach time is not specified.

Climbers can enjoy a full day of climbing, exploring the different lines and savoring the stunning views from the heights of Pont du Prêtre.

It is important to note that the climbing site is exposed to rain, which may impact climbing conditions.

It is therefore recommended to consult the weather forecast before going there.

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