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Via Ferrata - Waterfall - Alpe Grand Serre

Via Ferrata - Waterfall - Alpe Grand Serre

The Cascade Via Ferrata is an attraction located in the center of the resort, on the Cascade site, offering a unique, safe climbing experience.

Nestled in the southwest foothills of the Taillefer massif, it leads participants to a belvedere offering a breathtaking view of the resort and the surrounding peaks.

Designed to be accessible to all skill levels, this Via Ferrata begins at the foot of the Cascade, on the left bank, and extends for approximately twenty meters.

It then crosses a canyon, alternating between the banks several times before joining the Bonniot trail upstream of the GR 50.

The route is divided into five parts connected by connecting trails. Throughout the course, participants encounter five crossings of the Guiliman stream, crossed using various equipment such as beams, a rope bridge or a Nepalese bridge.

Additionally, two escape routes are available for those who wish to avoid the entire climb and return down via alternate paths.

The five parts of the Via Ferrata are broken down as follows:

The first part focuses around the waterfall and canyon, with five stream crossings using different equipment.

The second part consists of a crossing on easy rock slabs.

The third part allows an easy ascent along a spur to a viewpoint offering a panoramic view of the resort.

The fourth part includes a steep wall followed by a section of easy path leading to the GR 50 and another viewpoint.

The fifth part leads to the top of the rocky slope, providing access to the summit belvedere.

The return is made by first taking the Bonniot path to Lac de Prévourey, then following the GR 50 and finally a path which passes under the climbing school.

More informations :

Before embarking on a via ferrata, several important points must be taken into account:

  1. Have the right equipment and know how to use it correctly.

  2. Verify that none of the hardware components are among the products recalled by the manufacturers.

  3. Know and put into practice the safety instructions specific to via ferrata.

  4. Be aware of the main danger in via ferrata.

  5. Assess the expected level of difficulty and ensure that it matches your current physical capabilities.

  6. If in doubt, call a professional to help you.

The information provided is given for informational purposes and free of charge, based on various sources such as the town hall, the tourist office, manufacturers and practitioners. It is important to note that the actual situation at the practice site may differ from the description provided here. Before any trip, it is crucial to find out about the real practicability of the via ferrata.

The creators and administrators of the community site decline all responsibility in the event of an incorrect description, temporary or permanent closure of the site, and/or an accident occurring while practicing the via ferrata.

Additional information about the via ferrata:

  • Starting altitude: 1400 meters

  • Arrival altitude: 1600 meters

  • Length: 450 meters

  • Height difference: 200 meters

  • Difficulty: PD (not very difficult)

  • Price: Free

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