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Via Ferrata -Sautet lake

The Via Ferrata du Lac du Sautet(Via Ferrata du lac du Sautet), sometimes known as the Via Ferrata du Grand Frisson, offers an exciting but demanding experience.

Important details to take into account:

  • Elevation gain and duration: With an elevation gain of 160 meters, it generally takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete the entire route.

  • Access: To access the via ferrata, go to the road from Grenoble to Gap and turn right at the entrance to Corps. Park in the parking lot near the dam and follow the path down into the gorge. The approach only takes a few minutes.

  • Itinerary: The first part of the via ferrata consists of following a cabled path above the void, gradually descending towards the large footbridge. Then, the route continues crossing on the left bank, going up to under the pier of the large bridge. You will encounter descending crossings that are sometimes physical, narrow ledges, a small footbridge, and a final crossing under the bridge that is quite physical.

  • Equipment: It is essential to have suitable equipment, including via ferrata lanyards, a harness and a helmet. For the less experienced, a rope is preferable.

  • Tips: This via ferrata requires a minimum of experience and is not recommended for children under twelve years old or beginners. An initiation wall near the dam allows younger children to practice.

  • Difficulty level: The Via Ferrata du Lac du Sautet is classified as difficult, so good physical condition and some experience are necessary to complete it safely.

By following these tips and being well prepared, you can fully enjoy the excitement and beauty of this via ferrata, while ensuring your safety.b

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