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Parc national des écrins

Côte Belle pass from Valsenestre

Côte Belle pass from Valsenestre

The hike to the Col de Côte Belle from Valsenestre looks like an adventure rich in natural and scenic discoveries.

Flora: The trail offers a variety of landscapes from which to observe a diversity of flora. From shady forests to alpine meadows and megaphorbia, hikers will have the opportunity to admire a multitude of plants adapted to different environments and altitudes.

Geology: The highlight of this hike is undoubtedly the geological curiosity of the Valsenestre Orgues.

These rock formations, sculpted by the natural evolution of limestone and schistose marl, offer a unique spectacle that gives you the impression of arriving on "another planet".

Viewpoint: Once over the pass, hikers are rewarded with a remarkable panorama.

On one side, the Valsenestre cirque stretches out majestically, while on the other, the Font Turbat valley reveals its charms. These spectacular views are sure to be a highlight of the walk.

With an estimated time of 5 hours to cover the 12.4 kilometres, with a positive difference in altitude of 1,000 metres and an equivalent negative difference in altitude, this is a medium-level hike offering a rewarding experience for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

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