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Parc national des écrins

Ecrins National Parc

The Ecrins National Park invites you to discover the Valbonnais. To find out more, click here:

The Valbonnais, a real hidden treasure, stands out for its unique character and its distance from the main roads.

Comprising the valleys of La Bonne, La Malsanne and La Roizonne, this area offers a striking diversity of landscapes, ranging from vast agricultural areas to the steep slopes of Alpine peaks, including L'Olan, culminating at 3564 metres.

With its abundant forest cover, this sector accounts for almost half of the park's forested area.

These forests, which are rich in a variety of species such as spruce stands and spruce forests, play a crucial role in protecting against soil erosion and are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare and protected species such as the Alpine rosary and Venus's hoof.

Mountain farming has created vast meadows that are now used for grazing, while the presence of large numbers of wildlife, including roe deer, chamois and ibex reintroduced by the Park, testifies to the richness of local biodiversity.

The agricultural landscapes and traditional farm architecture are reminders of a bygone era when farming flourished.

Low stone walls, hutches and canals bear witness to past human occupation, adding to the authentic charm of the Valbonnais.

There are walks to suit all abilities to explore the diversity of this area, offering contrasting panoramas and spectacular alpine routes.

To find out more about this fascinating region, the Maison du Parc, located in the village of Entraigues, is an invaluable source of information.

To download the Valbonnais brochure, click here :

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