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Randonneuse en montagne

Collet Pass- Dreyre Valley - Valbonnais

Description of the hike:

Departure (D/A): Park in the car park on the right, just after the Valbonnais church.

  • Cross the road and go up to the right towards Péchal for about a hundred meters.

  • Turn left following the GR® 50 towards the Col de Plan Collet. Cross the hamlets of Bourchany and Sauvons, following the signs indicating the Col de Plan Collet at each intersection.

  • Near the pass (after about 2.8 km), turn right and follow the GR® during a fairly steep climb.

  • At the Col de Plan Collet sign, enjoy the views of the Piquet de Nantes, the Tabor, the Matheysine plain and the Senépy. On the left, admire the Obiou, and on the right, the head of the Grisonnière and the Coiro.

  • Leave the GR® and continue on the right along the park, then go up to the first intersection on the right, at around 1610 meters above sea level.

  • Follow the poorly marked but clearly visible path to the right towards the Cabane de Belle Roche (or Côte Belle according to the IGN map).

  • Continue on the path maintaining roughly the same contour line and, if in doubt, turn left. Cross the Grande Dreyre stream.

  • Arrive at the sign indicating the Cabane de la Drayre (with an A) at approximately 1660 meters above sea level. Turn right and go down towards the cabin.

  • At the Cabane de la Drayre, follow the path which takes you back to the hamlet of Péchal.

  • Turn right and find the initial crossroads.

  • Return to the starting point (D/A): Continue straight towards the car park.

Crossing points:

D/A: Parking near the church

  • 1: Loop intersection

  • 2: Right towards the pass

  • 3: Col de Plan Collet

  • 4: Crête de Cote Belle

  • 5: Belle Roche cabin on the IGN map

  • 6: Cabane de la Drayre sign

  • 7: Cabane de la Drayre

  • 8: Hamlet of Péchal

    Useful information :

  • There is water in the hamlet of Sauvons and the two cabins are open in case of bad weather.

  • Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking.

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