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Vélo de montagne

MTB around Monks Canal

MTB Canal Des Moines (Mountain biking Canal of the Monks)

Route no. 27, nicknamed "The canal of the monks"( parcours n°27, surnommé "Le canal des moines"), is a proposal from the FFC Matheysine-Vallée du Valbonnais MTB Site, located in Isère.

Designed to meet the different levels and preferences of mountain bikers, this route offers a diverse experience in the heart of enchanting landscapes.

Beginners will be delighted to discover the multiple water points along the route, offering them the opportunity to ride in complete peace and quiet.

Meanwhile, the more sporty will be able to measure themselves on the technical mountain singles, which will not fail to challenge them.

The Monks Canal, still in service during the hot season, constitutes the heart of this route.

More than 700 years old, this canal offers a shady and refreshing journey, ideal for hot days.

However, despite its bucolic appearance, you should remain vigilant, as the path can sometimes be narrow and bordered by steep slopes.

The route is marked in red and begins in Valbonnais near the Valbonheur campsite, inviting you to venture through landscapes where lakes and mountain ranges mingle, offering spectacular views of the Ecrins, the Vercors and the Chartreuse.

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