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Questions fréquemment posées

Bienvenue sur la page FAQ de Valbonheur, votre destination idéale pour un séjour mémorable à Valbonnais !

  • What should I do with my organic waste?
    In the heart of the town of Valbonnais, an ecological gesture is taking shape thanks to the Trièves-Compostage initiative: the municipal composting site. Nestled near the Superette Valbo Marché, this space dedicated to waste recovery offers a collective solution to reduce our environmental footprint. At first glance, it appears as a set of three tanks and a maturation corridor. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the composting process. The first tank, called the “structurant tank”, houses the shredded material, a mixture of materials which promotes the decomposition of waste. This is where you will draw a little of this precious crushed material to integrate it into the second bin, that of “fresh waste”. This is where you'll throw all your kitchen waste, from vegetable peelings to paper towels. Once your waste has been placed in the fresh waste bin, it is essential to aerate it using the claw provided to you. This simple gesture promotes better air circulation and speeds up the decomposition process. As for the third tank, called the "ripening tank", it must remain closed permanently. It is in this bin that the final phase of composting takes place, where the micro-organisms work to transform the waste into a valuable soil conditioner. It is important to know what can be composted: all your kitchen waste, with the exception of greasy paper from food stores which contains plastic. Also avoid meat and fish, as they can attract animals and cause bad odors. Thus, by following these simple instructions and being vigilant about the waste you deposit, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment and the creation of quality compost to enrich the soil of our beautiful town. from Valbonnais.
    There must be total silence from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. During the day, we ask you to avoid all noise and discussions that could disturb your neighbors. Sound devices should be adjusted accordingly and opening and closing of doors should be as discreet as possible.
  • How to get to Camping Valbonheur?
    The campsite is located in Isère in the Rhône-Alpes region, 12 km from La Mure, 50 km from Grenoble, 66 km from Gap and 32 km from Bourg d'Oisans and the famous "Montée de l'Alpe d' Boo.” GPS coordinates : latitude 44.89262 longitude 5.90416
  • What documents should I present at the reception upon arrival?
    When you arrive at reception, you can prepare information in advance to send to receptionists in order to speed up the registration of your stay at reception: Present an identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, or other: family record book) for each participant of the stay. Present your pet's vaccination record. Give the registration number of your vehicle. Parental authorization must be presented for any minor not accompanied by a legal representative. Please note, in France, an identity card is compulsory for minors aged 13 and over.
  • How many vehicles are allowed per reservation? Where to park?
    Only one vehicle is allowed per location. You have the possibility to park a second vehicle for an additional charge (3€ per day). You can consider parking the 2nd vehicle for free outside the campsite in a public parking lot, if available. It is recommended that you do not leave valuable items in plain sight in your car, when you park in the public parking lot. This can attract the attention of thieves and increase the risk of theft.
  • What to do if you arrive outside of the indicated times?
    In case of late arrival at Camping Valbonheur, please follow the following instructions: Contact the campsite representative at the following number: +33(0)659326400, before 6 p.m., to inform them of your late arrival. Subject to his agreement, you may be authorized to arrive during the night or the following morning. If you arrive after reception closes, a night watchman will be there to welcome you and allow you to settle into the campsite until 11 p.m. You will then have to finalize the administrative procedures at reception the next morning. If you do not show up the day after the scheduled day without notifying the campsite representative, your reservation may be canceled. The company reserves the right to put the accommodation back on sale within 48 hours, without you being able to object.
  • What is the tourist tax?
    The tourist tax is collected on behalf of the municipalities and can be increased by an additional departmental tax. The tourist tax is €0.55 per day and per adult. When the tourist tax is collected in reality, it must be: Paid when booking. The amounts then collected are forecast. It may happen that the tax increases, you will then be asked for a supplement. Paid at the campsite upon arrival Are exempt from the tax, according to article L. 2333-31 of the CGCT: • Persons domiciled in the territory with a residence liable to housing tax; • Minors; • Holders of a seasonal employment contract employed in the territory; • People benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing.
  • Is there WiFi at Camping Valbonheur?
    Wifi is only present at the entrance to Camping Valbonheur, comfortable Wi-Fi areas have been set up. In our campsite Wifi is a free service.
  • Security service:
    Your security is our priority. To ensure your peace of mind, we have set up a night watchman service at reception. During the months of July and August from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., a night watchman is permanently present to report any possible problems. Whether for security questions, emergencies or concerns, our night watchman is here to help you.
  • Do I have to clean my accommodation at the end of my stay?
    End-of-stay cleaning is a supplement already included in your reservation at Camping Valbonheur. We ask you to tidy and clean the kitchen area before your departure. This includes washing dishes, emptying and cleaning the refrigerator, and emptying the trash. These tasks are your responsibility and help maintain cleanliness and order in the accommodation you occupy.
  • How to make a complaint?
    Any complaint relating to your stay must be sent by post or email ( within 15 days following the end of the stay, to the following address: Customer service Camping Valbonheur 129 Impasse du Lac 38740 Valbonnais
  • What are the opening hours for car barriers?
    The car barriers at Camping Valbonheur open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. This means that you can drive in and out of the campsite during this time slot. Be sure to plan your trips accordingly to avoid getting stuck outside the campsite outside of these times. If you need to leave or re-enter the campsite outside of these hours, please contact the campsite representative for special arrangements.
  • What do Camping Valbonheur rates include?
    The prices at Camping Valbonheur include: Accommodation, in the reserved category The location for a car (except exceptions) The location for a tent or camper van or converted van Water, gas and electricity Camping services Our prices do not include: Cancellation insurance Application fee Household chores Paid activities offered by the campsite (to be paid on site) Taxes (tourist taxes depending on the campsite, eco-tax) The possible supplement for an animal depending on the campsite A security deposit Optional Services and Equipment
  • What are the arrival and departure times?
    Arrival and departure times: Accommodation: Arrival from 4 p.m., departure no later than 10 a.m. Pitches: Arrival from 2 p.m., departure no later than 11 a.m. It is important to respect these times, as any excess may result in being billed for an additional night.
  • What activities are offered on a campsite?
    The list of activities can be consulted on the site in the space:
  • Deterioration of facilities
    Any damage to the buildings (tags, breakage, deliberate soiling, etc.) or the gable walls surrounding the campsite is punishable by expulsion.
  • Where can I recharge my electric vehicle on the campsite?
    The Valbonheur campsite does not have fast charging stations for electric vehicles, but rather normal charging stations. Normal charging stations provide slower charging compared to fast charging stations, but they can still be useful for charging electric vehicles while vacationers are at the campsite. A fast charging station is located just 900 meters from the Valbonheur campsite, next to the Valbo Marché.
  • Are pets accepted?
    Pets (except categories 1 and 2) are accepted. The dog must be kept on a leash on the Campsite. No dog must be left alone in the Accommodation or on the pitch. Authorized animals must be tattooed or microchipped. You will need to bring your up-to-date vaccination record and pay a supplement. They must be taken out of the campsite for their needs. Two animals allowed per campsite and in accommodation. More information, see: .
  • What are the reception hours?
    We understand the importance of your comfort and safety, which is why we have put measures in place to meet your needs at any time of the day. LOW SEASON Our reception is open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. During this period, our team is available to answer all your questions, provide you with information on local activities and assist you in making your stay enjoyable. HIGH SEASON Our reception hours are extended to better serve you. Our reception is open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. During these hours, our team is ready to warmly welcome you and help you with all your requests.
  • Can I arrive before the reservation date?
    If you wish to bring forward your arrival day, you will need to book an additional night from the website and indicate in a comment that this is an addition to your basic reservation. Depending on availability, the additional day can be accepted on the same pitch, accepted with a new pitch for one night or refused. No parking in front of the campsite is authorized while waiting to enter the campsite other than on the same day of planned arrival.
  • What are the opening hours for pedestrian and bicycle gates?
    The pedestrian and bicycle access next to the Camping Valbonheur reception is open 24/7. Upon your arrival, an access code will be provided to you to access this space at any time. You can therefore move freely on foot or by bike in this area, even outside reception opening hours. This arrangement will allow you to take full advantage of the campsite's facilities and services at any time of the day or night.
  • What happens if I have to leave the campsite before the car barriers open?
    If you have to leave before 7:00 a.m., you can report this the day before to reception who will transmit your desired departure time to the night watchman. We advise you to park your vehicle behind reception and make as little noise as possible during an early departure so as not to disturb other campers.
  • What should you do if you have not received the booking confirmation or voucher?
    Check your mailbox for spam. If you have not received anything, we invite you to make a request to have the documents sent to you by email: or to an advisor on 04 76 30 21 28 ( price of a local call).
  • How do I modify a reservation?
    We invite you to send an email to the address: or to contact an advisor on 04 76 30 21 28 (cost of a local call). We also invite you to refer to: You can request the modification of your reservation only once during the current season and a maximum of 1 week before the start date of the stay, subject to availability and accommodation possibilities. No postponement will be accepted for the following season. Modification by the Customer: In the event that the rate of the new reservation is lower than the rate of the initial reservation, the difference between the two stays will be refunded. In the event that the new stay is more expensive, the difference between the two reservations is your responsibility. In the event of a change to your stay, you will not be able to benefit from promotions prior to or subsequent to your initial reservation. The date of the first reservation will be binding.
  • How to cancel a reservation?
    If you have not subscribed to cancellation insurance, simply send an email to: If you have taken out insurance, refer to the “MEETCH insurance” paragraph. More information :
  • Are you reimbursed if you cancel your stay?
    Here are the cancellation conditions applicable to Camping Valbonheur: Any cancellation must be justified and notified by mail, email or telephone. If you cancel more than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date, the deposit amount will be refunded in full. If you cancel less than 30 days but more than 7 days before the scheduled arrival date, the total amount of the deposit will be retained by the campsite as cancellation fees. A credit note will be issued for an amount corresponding to the sums paid, less cancellation fees of 30% of the total amount of the stay. This credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and can only be used at the campsite where the stay was canceled. It is valid until the end of next season. If you cancel less than 7 days before the scheduled arrival date, the entire amount paid, i.e. the total amount of the stay, is retained by the campsite and no refund will be made. If the customer does not show up at the campsite within 24 hours of the start of the date of their stay and without having informed the campsite by mail or e-mail in advance, the reservation will be considered canceled by the customer. The campsite reserves the right to offer accommodation for rental again. Any request to reduce the duration or change the dates of your stay is considered a partial cancellation and will be subject to the terms and conditions for cancellation and interruption of stay.
  • What are the conditions for making a reservation?
    The person making the reservation must: Be at least 18 years old Be legally capable of contracting in accordance with the general rental conditions Minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian.a
  • Do the beds have blankets and pillows?
    Pillows and blankets are provided in all our accommodation.
  • Is your accommodation equipped with a television?
    Television is a paid service available in some of our accommodations, particularly “Cozy” type accommodations. You have the option to rent a television for a cost of 10 euros per day, subject to availability. If you would like to reserve a TV, we recommend doing so as soon as possible to ensure availability during your stay. However, in "Comfort" and "Premium" category accommodation, televisions are included in the equipment provided. So, if you opt for accommodation in these categories, you will not have any additional television costs.
  • VISITORS: Is it possible to welcome people who are not holidaymakers at the campsite?
    It is important to remember that a visitor is a person who is not included in the reservation and who visits the customer on the campsite. Camping Valbonheur has the right to prohibit access to visitors and to request payment of a supplement (€3) for anyone arriving at the establishment. Visitors must present themselves at the campsite reception during opening hours, providing proof of identity. They will be charged based on a per person rate. Payment of this invoice must be made immediately upon arrival of visitors. Visitors are not authorized to stay in the accommodation or on the reserved pitch outside the visiting hours specified by the internal regulations of the campsite, even if the capacity of the accommodation or pitch allows it, and they cannot use the equipment and facilities of the campsite. Visitors who are authorized on the campsite are required to respect the internal regulations of the campsite and are the responsibility of the customer who receives them. Visitors are not allowed to enter the site with their vehicle and must park it in the outdoor car park. Visitors must leave the site before 11:00 p.m. The management reserves the right to intervene by applying the internal regulations and to permanently expel any visitor who does not respect them.
  • Are sheets and towels provided?
    Bathroom linen and bed linen are not provided (except Premium and Luxury accommodation). You can rent sheets from our reservation center.
  • How many people can be accepted per accommodation?
    For security and insurance reasons, the maximum number of people authorized in mobile homes must not be exceeded. The campsite manager will refuse any person beyond the planned capacity, even if offering to pay a supplement. When making your reservation, you must mention the surnames, first names and dates of birth of all occupants (baby included). If you have forgotten to mention a person, you can call 04 76 30 21 28 or send an email to with the names, first names and dates of birth of the missing people.
  • Is a baby considered a person?
    A baby is indeed considered a whole person.
  • MOBILE HOME: Is it possible to choose a specific location?
    Depending on availability, you can choose a specific location for a fee of 30 euros.
  • MOBILE HOME: Is it possible to reserve two mobile homes side by side?
    Depending on availability, you can reserve two mobile homes side by side for a fee of 30 euros.
  • MOBILE HOME: Is it possible to install a tent next to the mobile home?
    For security and insurance reasons, it is not possible to install a tent next to the mobile home. However, you can rent a bare pitch to set up a tent.
  • Is your accommodation equipped with air conditioning?
    Only “Premium” category accommodation is equipped with air conditioning at Camping Valbonheur. Other categories of accommodation do not have this service. If you have special air conditioning needs, we therefore recommend that you book “Premium” category accommodation to benefit from this additional comfort during your stay.
  • How many people can be on one pitch?
    A pitch can accommodate a maximum of 6 people (person having reached French legal majority at 18 years old).
  • What is the amperage on the electrical terminal that serve the pitches?
    The amperage of the electrical locations is 10 amps.
  • Is it possible to install a barbecue on a pitch?
    Charcoal or electric barbecues above ground are authorized at Camping Valbonheur. In addition, we offer the rental of above-ground charcoal barbecues at the price of €7 per day. Likewise, we offer the possibility of purchasing bags of charcoal to fuel the barbecues, at a price of €7 per bag.
  • The website offers me locations on dates different from those entered during the search
    If the website offers you different dates, it is because no location is available for the entire requested period. The website will then offer you shorter dates or staggered dates.
  • How many installations can be placed on one location?
    On a pitch, there can be a maximum of one large installation (large tent, camper van, VW van, converted van, caravan) and up to two additional installations (small tents, awning, etc.). Please note, additional tents require a fee.
  • What equipment is needed to set up on a site?
    For campers, it is indeed important to bring a sufficiently long extension cord (around 30 meters), as well as a European adapter if necessary. A headlamp or flashlight will also be very useful for lighting up your camping evenings.
  • Is it possible to have pitches side by side?
    It is possible, in the comments area of the reservation, to tell us that you would like to be next to another person who has reserved a pitch in the campsite. You must then tell us at least the first and last name of the reservation. In the event that several pitches have been reserved at once from our website, we systematically place them side by side, subject to availability and unless otherwise advised by the camper.
  • Do you accept unaccompanied minors?
    Minors not accompanied by their legal representative must present a signed parental authorization to the campsite reception which designates an adult responsible who must be present on the site during the entire stay.
  • The cleanliness of the pitch
    The pitch must be left clean and completely empty upon departure. Your trash and glass deposits must be placed regularly in the bins provided for this purpose outside the campsite near reception.
  • Can minors (under 18 years old) rent a pitch?
    No. An adult (+18 years old) must be present on the site during the entire stay.
  • Is it possible to reserve a specific location?
    It is possible to leave us indications of your preferences in the comments area. You can enter the numbers of the desired pitches, preferences such as a sunny or shaded pitch, near the toilets or in a specific area of the campsite, etc. The campsite team then assigns you a pitch, trying as much as possible to respect your criteria according to everyone's availability and requests.
  • Can I add additional people to a reservation already confirmed by the campsite?
    We accept additional people in a reservation if the number of people and the number and type of facilities comply with our internal regulations. You can send us by email to with the Name, First name and date of birth of each participant as well as their dates of stay and we will add them to the reservation, or you can add additional participants directly to the campsite reception. If a person not previously registered wants to be added to a current stay at the campsite, the pitch manager must be present to confirm their agreement.
  • The website does not offer me a location
    If the website does not offer you a pitch, check the dates requested and the number of people indicated: you will not be offered anything if your dates are outside the campsite opening period or if you indicate more than 6 people in your search.
  • I need to change the pitch during my stay
    Only one movement is authorized per stay. The change of pitch takes place in the morning, imperatively between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on the day planned on your stay voucher.
  • How to pay for your stay?
    You can pay for your stay by: Bank card (VISA or Mastercard) Bank check Bank transfer ANCV holiday vouchers Vacaf subsidized payments are not accepted.
  • How should I proceed to pay by credit card, check or transfer?
    If you have chosen payment by credit card, an automatic email will be sent to you so that you can make payment by Payline. If you have chosen to pay by check, please send it to the following address: Camping Au Valbonheur 129 Impasse du Lac 38740 Valbonnais France It is necessary to attach the form attached to your reservation confirmation. If you have chosen to pay by transfer, please make it using the following RIB: VALBO CAMP 129 LAKE DEADLINE 38740 VALBONNEAIS IBAN: FR76 3000 4010 0300 0102 4838 412 BIC: BNPAFRPPXXX
  • What are the payment schedules?
    To pay for your stay at the Valbonheur campsite, you can make payment by credit card, check, bank transfer or ANCV Holiday Checks. When booking, we ask you to pay a deposit of 30% of the overall rate. The balance of the stay must be paid no later than 7 days before your arrival.
  • What does MEETCH Cancellation insurance cover?
    The insurance covers you for a cancellation of your stay, a late arrival or an interruption of your stay. Guarantees Health Serious illness or accident Death Invitation for IVF Pregnancy complications Vaccination contraindication Organ transplant summons Professional reasons Refusal of leave by employer Economic dismissal Cancellation of a professional appointment Conventional termination Getting a job Deletion or modification of the date of your leave or that of your spouse Professional transfer requiring a move Personal reasons Summons before a judicial court Divorce or breakdown of PACS Summons for adoption Separation Invitation to a make-up exam Identity theft Serious damage Other summons Cancellation of one of the people accompanying you Visa refusal by the country's authorities Theft in your professional or private premises Theft or serious damage to your caravan or motorhome Miscellaneous Natural disasters Attacks Act of air piracy Acts of terrorism Transport strikes Riots Airline staff strikes Social movements Epidemics occurring in France Refinery strike Pollution following an industrial accident Closure of the thermal center Cancellation of a treatment that would have been accepted by SocialSecurity Cancellation in the event of airline bankruptcy Refusal of coverage of the treatment by Social Security Other random event If you subscribe to MEETCH cancellation insurance: In the event of a disaster, we invite you to inform the MEETCH Company within 5 days of its occurrence: By email:
  • The company you are working for covers part of your stay and you would like to have a certificate or invoice?
    Before your stay, you have the possibility to provide the company you work for with your reservation confirmation. After your stay we can issue you, upon request by telephone or email, a paid invoice, as well as a certificate of stay. The file must be registered in the name of the beneficiary. No modifications can be made after invoicing.
  • What is the procedure to follow for payment by holiday vouchers (ANCV) in paper format?
    If you have chosen partial or total payment for your reservation by holiday vouchers (ANCV), you must send them by registered mail with return receipt, indicating your file number to the following address: Camping Valbonheur 129 Impasse du Lac 38740 Valbonnais The schedule is the same as described in the The deposit paid upon reservation can be made by holiday vouchers (ANCV) or bank card. To take the reservation into account, holiday vouchers (ANCV) must arrive at the campsite within 5 working days. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled. If you do not yet have your holiday vouchers (ANCV), you must pay for your stay by credit card.
  • Who to contact in the event of a payment problem?
    Please send an email to or call the Customer Relations department on 04 76 30 21 28 (price of a local call)
    A deposit per accommodation of €500 will be required upon arrival. The deposit will be returned to you on your departure after an inventory has been carried out by the Company representative. Additional deposits for the equipment necessary for the accessibility of the Campsite (for example adapters and electrical extension cords) and/or the use of the Campsite Services (jacuzzi) may be requested by the Campsite.
  • When do you have to pay the balance of your reservation?
    To guarantee that your reservation at Camping Valbonheur is maintained, please make sure to pay the balance of your stay no later than 7 days before the start of your stay. If payment is not received within this period, your reservation may be canceled in accordance with our general conditions of sale. We therefore recommend that you respect this deadline in order to avoid any unforeseen cancellation of your stay.
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